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The Last Dick On Earth

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Small Cock DNA

Imagine an apocalyptic world where men just died off one by one, except for one. It was the earth’s cure for overpopulation and breeding of the masses. One boy carried a gene that would save mankind and restore the balance. His DNA was extracted and put to work. Problem is, it would take several years for this to produce more males. In the meantime, the Princesses decide to kidnap the last man on earth and keep him for themselves. Upon arrival, they discover a wimpy nerdy little guy with coke bottle glasses and buck teeth. Certainly he must have some virtue. Not! He not only was the last man on earth but he had the smallest cock of any man in history. A Princess lament…oh dear. Certainly he must be good for something? Yes! Small penis humiliation! We can keep him as a pet they decided.

Useful As A Slave

Days went by and the discovery was this loser was a submissive male into very heavy humiliation and cock control. He confessed to the Princesses that his favorite flavor was going for years without an orgasm, so the Princesses decided to lock him in chastity for 5 years. They made a deal that he will be released when the first boy was produced in the lab.


HaHaHa...poor little dick!

HaHaHa…poor little dick!

Useless Cock

So, he became a slave to the Princesses in every way. Finally success, a boy was being produced and the bad news was, each and every male produced will have the dick size of the genetic doner. Oh dear!!!! The world is doomed anyways. Who in the world will want a man with a small penis? Absolutely no one. The world is doomed!

Princess Britany

Zane’s Cocksucking Adventure

Cum For Dessert?

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Jerk Off For Us This May

Stroking Thru May

Stroking for May is the healthiest thing you can do for this Spring and for Princess Britany. We want you to unload that load and discard it, eat it, or use it as lubricant. If you are up to a marathon orgasm session, saving that cum in a glass has . . . → Read More: Jerk Off For Us This May

Sperm Clinic Nursie

Smooth as silk

Princess Amusement

Oh goodness! It’s been so long since I have posted. Such a bad girl I am 🙂 I have been busy with mostly fun things and equestrian things. The fun things require a certain small penised one who wears sissy panties. Zane is a brain, and humiliation is . . . → Read More: Sperm Clinic Nursie

You Can’t Lock A Small Cock

A Cute Little Cock

I saw the cutest little cock on Skype the other day. It was absolutely petite, and his little balls were like tiny peanuts. He was so small that he couldn’t even stroke it. He had to use a mini vibrator. Then he holds up a mature metal watchful mistress . . . → Read More: You Can’t Lock A Small Cock