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Are You Ready To Be The Sissy Queen?

Work It,Gurl

Ready to strut your stuff sissy? Are your ready to get your Saturday mall clothes, Princess clothes, sissy slut wear, ballerina, cheerleader, sissy bonnets, and your glory hole wear out for the contest? Don’t be afraid to take those selfies, because you definitely will have to do it.

How do I do it she says in her little sissy bimbo head…read this! Classiest, sluttiest, and cutest. Where do you fit in?

Categories You Would Love

I can just imagine some of you little sissies imagining a category for best cocksucker sissy, best cum eater sissy. Both of these would be interesting. Cum eaters can get very creative with hot cum sundaes and such. The cock suckers can have their pink dildos, demonstrating how amazing they lick that dick.

So I know you want to please me of course. You will please me by getting your gear ready for some festive pageant wear, makeup, and of course spa visits for a waxing , mani, and pedi. Get to work then?

A Classy Sissy

Speaking of a classy sissy, yesterday I was sent a pic of a living doll. That is you sissy tammy. she had on a classic Chanel suit, tastefully to the knees, with a white silk shirt, a pastel pink silk scarf, Wolford stockings in flesh tone, a pair of Prada pumps, full makeup done at MAC, and French nails. She also had a Coach bag in black. Now that was a picture to end all!


Princess Britany



Sweet And Sour Cum Drops

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Sweet Loads

Of course not for me, for you, sissy cock breath. Many descriptive images come to mind when you describe the taste of cum on your latest adventures. Adventures in glory hole parlors, in corners of nasty book stores, and the listings you have placed. Now those are the . . . → Read More: Sweet And Sour Cum Drops

Bois In Bonnets

Cute Little Sissy

So you want to wear a little sissy bonnet do you? let’s not stop there. Lets put you in the full regalia. Let’s give you the empire waist, the little white ankle socks with lacy trim, pinched cheeks, curled eyelashes, and of course the pristine white training bra. Panties of . . . → Read More: Bois In Bonnets

Small Dick Or All Dick

2 Cocks Are Better Than One

It’s either feast or famine they say, but not in the princess camp. The best thing is to think positively so you can have both. Two cocks are better than one. One for small penis humiliation, one for sexual pleasure and body worship. You see princess can . . . → Read More: Small Dick Or All Dick

Silk Wraps For Sissy

The Deal

Zane the brain got a little stiffie as I showed him my freshly manicured nails which happen to be 100% authentic. I asked him if he imagined my thumb and index finger stroking his little cock while I cruelly humiliate him. He enthusiastically grabbed at the offer. I told him under . . . → Read More: Silk Wraps For Sissy