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Yay! Relay!

I love comments that spark interest in stuff I have done before, such as the one I just answered. This is what I want, and I always get what I want. A boy into extreme cock control who wants to be relayed back and forth between three strict Mistresses, any more than that would be a pass the penis event. The relay would be more personal using email updates, and blog post comments. It would be all organized to be done in a block of time decided early on. Boy would have toys lined up and ready, and it could go on for hours until the final call where all three Mistresses would be ordering boy on cam for the grand finale. That’s what I want! I imagine the grand finale a huge cum eating session and then boy locking himself in a chastity device in which one Mistress will be in charge for the rest of the month.

Three Months of Chastity, Intense Cock Control, Three Mistresses?

After that month, it begins all over again, same Mistresses, different agendas. One of the other Mistresses controls the chastity program that month until finally, the last Mistress takes over chastity training. Ok I want this. Who is on board with a three month commitment to be owned by three dominant Mistresses?

Princess Britany

Punishment Panties

What Is Panty Punishment

A sissy would definitely perk their ear at punishment panties. Imagining a sissy with panties, scratchy velcro covering the little dickie area, I guess a one inch square would do. Maybe panties that have locks. I have seen these. I was thinking in the lines of doing sessions ordering . . . → Read More: Punishment Panties

Everyone Wants Dick Breath

The Birth Of Dick Breath

I think the name has caught on since I named dick breath jay-me. He now uses it as his signature, other LDW Mistresses call him that, and he introduces himself on the phone with this. He is often seen in Walgreen’s makeup section picking up new pastel eyeshadows . . . → Read More: Everyone Wants Dick Breath

Cum Eating And Then Some

My Cum Eater

So I just talked to this boy who called me with a hand load of cum…yum! He wanted a choice of tease and denial or coerced cum eating. Since I love it when boys stroke, cum, and eat, you know what I chose. BUT…..under the condition that he can get . . . → Read More: Cum Eating And Then Some

Are You Ready To Be The Sissy Queen?

Work It,Gurl

Ready to strut your stuff sissy? Are your ready to get your Saturday mall clothes, Princess clothes, sissy slut wear, ballerina, cheerleader, sissy bonnets, and your glory hole wear out for the contest? Don’t be afraid to take those selfies, because you definitely will have to do it.

How do I . . . → Read More: Are You Ready To Be The Sissy Queen?