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Jerk Off For Us This May


Stroking Thru May

Stroking for May is the healthiest thing you can do for this Spring and for Princess Britany. We want you to unload that load and discard it, eat it, or use it as lubricant. If you are up to a marathon orgasm session, saving that cum in a glass has its purpose. Just the other night I had such a session with a guy who had been in orgasm denial for one month. He then blasted away six times in an hour enjoying his Masturbation May. Cum eating was not an option for this guy, and that’s o.k. cuz an epic six orgasms was his quest.

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Go On And Wank!

“Jerk off for me” is the key phrase I have been greeting boys with, and they find it amusing if they don’t know about Masty Nasty May. They catch on soon enough and they proceed with joy.

Seattle’s Best

Other news is I spent a bit of time playing in Seattle with my besty girlie friends. No we don’t discuss you boys. When we do, they kinda say, oh those pervies. I tell them that the thing is, I’m a pervie too. Otherwise I couldn’t do and enjoy this job as much as I do.

Dickie Gets His Cummies

One last thing. My boy “dickie” just called and though in a chastity cage much of the time for me, I granted cumming for May 🙂


Princess Britany

Sperm Clinic Nursie

Smooth as silk

Princess Amusement

Oh goodness! It’s been so long since I have posted. Such a bad girl I am 🙂 I have been busy with mostly fun things and equestrian things. The fun things require a certain small penised one who wears sissy panties. Zane is a brain, and humiliation is . . . → Read More: Sperm Clinic Nursie

You Can’t Lock A Small Cock

A Cute Little Cock

I saw the cutest little cock on Skype the other day. It was absolutely petite, and his little balls were like tiny peanuts. He was so small that he couldn’t even stroke it. He had to use a mini vibrator. Then he holds up a mature metal watchful mistress . . . → Read More: You Can’t Lock A Small Cock

Princess Britany’s Long Legs

Worship My Legs

Oh I had the sexiest phone sex call today from a hot Aussie boy, one inch shorter than me, who needed interrogation about his kinky phone sex fantasies. It turns out he was way into tease and please with the happy ending of eating his own cum off of my . . . → Read More: Princess Britany’s Long Legs

Caught Jerking Off

Sneaky Jerk Off Sissy

Oh bad bad bad sissy! Since I have a nerd around, the nerd can take care of any problems that arise in the way of computer problems. It wasn’t really a problem, my Mac needed an operating system update, and Zane is a Mac head. He brought over a . . . → Read More: Caught Jerking Off