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CFNM Never Loses It’s Appeal

Sissy CFNM Noir

CFNM birthday party for zane the brain last night! I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and he said, anything you want to give me, Princess. I told him, ok a CFNM party with you starring and a new sentence in chastity at the end of the night. I told him it would be a girl only party and not to worry about sucking cock this time around. Relief relief! His is not gay but a coerced bi slut who has acquired a taste for cum.

CFNM never loses it's appeal: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

New Chastity Sentence

How long of a sentence in chastity he asked. I think a sentence far longer than the last which will be over a year, maybe a year in three months. Gulp. Since my parents are in Europe, and my sister Jennifer and I are house sitting, the party was “staged” there. Jennifer, who is vanilla as the driven snow, will be out of town till tomorrow.

The Performance

My parents have a large staircase ala film noir, and zane wore a red slit in the middle evening gown bought at the used costume shop. Vintage high heeled mules, plenty of costume jewelry, Joan Crawford makeup, Joan Crawford wig, and a cigarette holder holding an unlit sissy pink cigarette. We took two couches which faced the staircase to watch zane’s descent. It was spectacular.

Chocolate Cake With A Chastity Device On Top

Zane did a strip tease after he seductively descended, and the sissy slut began his CFNM humiliation burlesque while we all clapped and sharpened up our strap ons. The birthday cake was a two layer dark chocolate cake. On top sat a bright pink silicon “Prison Bird” chastity device with a pink jeweled plug. Simply the best birthday any sissy could ask for. Chocolate cake, a new pink device, a fabulous performance with pegging by 7 Princesses!

Princess Britany

Girlie Boi Names For Sissy Boi Gurls

What’s In A Girlie Boi Name

Girlie Boi names are very important for every sissy who is serious about learning the ways of femme. I always ask a new caller what her femmy name is. If she does not have one, it’s instant sissy humiliation. She has to have a name, plain and simple. . . . → Read More: Girlie Boi Names For Sissy Boi Gurls

Feminization Princess Style

Feminization By Princess Britany LLC

Feminization by Princess Britany. That’s what my business would be named if I ever decided to open up a sissy studio like Glamour Boutique did. I remember a sissy calling me from the one in Vegas a few years ago while she was getting a makeover. She sent me . . . → Read More: Feminization Princess Style

Tranny Boi Is A Call Girl

Tranny is Really A Sissy

Tranny really isn’t. She imagines the glamorous lifestyle involved. She would love to have a go at it, and it’s entirely possible. I talked to this one sissy many times on how he/she hires a she male for sex. The sissy is the one getting sex the she male . . . → Read More: Tranny Boi Is A Call Girl

Crossdress For Less

Crossdress To Your Thrift Store

Do you crossdress? Do you find yourself buying expensive impulse buys only to regret it later? What if you mix in sissy with crossdressing for variety. I personally love that because you can have the best of both worlds and add variety. There are sissy crossdressers.

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