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Guided Humiliation

Guided Guided Guided

Guided masturbation, guided cum eating, guided crossdressing, and….tada!!!! Guided humiliation! This is how it works. It starts with guided meditation of course to help you relax and become the best loser you can possibly be. This won’t be hard for you, I promise. Taking you down the road to your sleepy little place so your dim little wit can unwind from your job at Burger King. Perhaps all of this junk food is making you a dum dum who needs and craves humiliation.

The Loser Kingdom

What makes you a loser. What is a loser. Which comes first? Realizing you have a small penis and will never have the balls to lose that virginity of yours? All the other boys grew but you did not. Your penis remains the same. Only your song has changed.

Princess Humiliation

So I guess you have figured out by now that this blog post is guiding you to realize you need princess humiliation. Don’t you worry. The princess will show you how to crossdress to accentuate your small penis status in those little panties that are semi sheer. This is what you like after all. Now why in the world would I want anyone to be unhappy?

Princess Britany

Shoe Licker Humiliation

A Loser Writes

So I have been getting emails from pathetic loser sissy dani. This is the most original one to date:

“Dear Princess Britany,

Please may I call you to be humiliated? You are far superior to me. I should not even be allowed to look at your pictures.

I am ashamed . . . → Read More: Shoe Licker Humiliation

Happy Holiday My Kinky Ones

Call Your Princess 1-800-601-6975

A Big Thanks

I thought I would take a break from my festivities today to thank my generous boys, sissies, cockstrokers, cumeaters, humiliation sluts, and bondage bunnies and wish to them a happy holiday.

Prezzies, YAY!

I received so many gift cards, which is what I love the most. . . . → Read More: Happy Holiday My Kinky Ones

Cock Controlled And Locked

A Little Chastity Training

I decided to lock Zane in chastity for the rest of the year starting yesterday. He had been out of town for three weeks and his main thought was to come back and worship my feet while licking the soles and toes. His one desire was to massage my . . . → Read More: Cock Controlled And Locked

The Sissy Face Lift Britany Style

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

The Medical Fetish

It’s been so long since I have written or had a phone fantasy call on medical fetish. The other day I did have a conversation about a sissy waking up to a whole new face…body as well. This time I want to be the doctor, and not . . . → Read More: The Sissy Face Lift Britany Style