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Relocation: What Is A Bi-Cocksucker To Do?

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The Cockless Landscape

A Bi-cocksucker caller laments he has moved from cock heaven to a cockless landscape. What is he to do? It’s like moving from Hollywood to a remote cabin in the mountains. Shocking! So it’s not as bad as that but the culture shock for a kinky semi sissy bi-cocksucker is really truly a shock.

Trip To Memory Lane

What I would do if I were an isolated bi-cocksucker would be to take a weekend trip back to safe kink haven to enjoy and relieve stress and do the familiar. In this case, walk in panties in the park being groped, nipple tweaked, anal sexed, and provide blowjobs. Also bukkake was mentioned in a few sessions up there.

Bi-Cocksucker Inquiries

It’s really time to get friendly, like ask questions of the recipients on how to find guys to suck off in a new town. Forums? Adds? Hook up clubs? Kinky social networks? In essence the semi sissy does not want to fade away. I would, if I were hard up for dick, and a bi-cocksucker, go to forums for advice. This is the main problem of re-location.

In Common Kink

Seek out BDSM clubs if available. Look for in common kink in the next large town even if a few hours away. Be willing to be flexible in a new scene without compromising your preferences. Make it to the nearest beach if available to be the panty boy beach bimbo. Don’t give up.

Bi-Cocksucker Phone Fantasies

As with today, the semi sissy called me for a session. This is a great idea to relieve stress when a cock is not available. We help through such transitions to work at a phone sex fantasy for you, this way, you can still have your fun and keep you sane until you make that trip back home for some familiar fun!


Princess Britany


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Chastity Training Goes Viral!

Your Chastity Training Princess

Chastity training interest skyrocketed due to my last post. The chastity cage that I have zane the brain in is The Crucible for PA pierced little cocks. Size does not really matter in this cage but I like to emphasize that he has a pathetic small penis.

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50 Days In Chastity

A Head Only Cage

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Sink Or Swim Sissy

Tie Your Bonnet, Sissy!

Sissy Choices

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