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Small Cock, Inferior Stock



There’s No Tellin’

Is it true? It depends on what context. Often noted men with small cocks have money and brains, which is the case for Zane. Men with small cocks make for good cuckold submissive husbands. Good stock bad stock, wherever the apple falls. I do believe it is a generalization. I was asked this today with a submissive male with lots of money and a big cock.

One Hot Boy

On Monday I get to talk to J-Boy, a submissive to me only male , who has a big dick, smart, and has lots of money. Zane has already pouted about this because he isn’t allowed over to massage my pretty feet and suck my toes. He wants to pour me tequila shots while I talk to J-Boy. He wants to be objectified human furniture, and I am denying him the fun, poor boy!

A Big Dicked Sissy?

In short, and I don’t mean short dick, one has no way of knowing. It’s just the luck of the gene. Yep I seem to be obsessed lately with this subject. One thing that drives me crazy is a raging sissy with a huge cock. I tell them that it’s not possible, then they show me online with a photo or a cam show. What is really funny is a pair of pink sheer panties with a huge cock underneath. Too weird!


Princess Britany


Proper Penis Pumping Protocol

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Stroke That Cock!

Well now…not much interest in my little view of a Femdom Princess society? I can understand why. Boys seem to be much more interested in penis pumping and perhaps a little coached cum eating. One thing I know for sure, boys simply love to stroke their cocks . . . → Read More: Proper Penis Pumping Protocol

Large GMO Dicks Of The Future

A Cure For Small Cockitis

Everyone seemed to love my dystopian post on small penis boys of the future. I thought we may need a cure for it. The Mistresses who commented were right. The Princesses will not tolerate a race of small-cocked men!

A Big Cock Gene

Back in the boardroom it . . . → Read More: Large GMO Dicks Of The Future

The Last Dick On Earth

Small Cock DNA

Imagine an apocalyptic world where men just died off one by one, except for one. It was the earth’s cure for overpopulation and breeding of the masses. One boy carried a gene that would save mankind and restore the balance. His DNA was extracted and put to work. Problem is, . . . → Read More: The Last Dick On Earth

Zane’s Cocksucking Adventure

Cum For Dessert?

My sissy slave boy Zane and I spent a few days in San Francisco recently. Zane was attending a geek workshop in the city, and I did some shopping around Union Square with Zanes credit card. We had some amazing food and as we were strolling on Nob Hill, I . . . → Read More: Zane’s Cocksucking Adventure