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Stocking Fetish, Pantyhose Preference

Stocking Fetish? Pantyhose Gurl?

Stocking fetish or pantyhose selection. You must love both because sissy clothing requires both. A dress with a slit on the side would require stockings with lace toppers, or a garter belt with garters. It depends on the season as well. Panty hose keeps a sissy warm, and she will . . . → Read More: Stocking Fetish, Pantyhose Preference

My Number One Cum Eater

Are you drooling yet???

J-Boy Voted Best Stroker For Princess

That’s j-boy’s favorite picture, the one he sometimes gets to cum and eat his cum to like he did today and a few days ago. A few days ago he had to end the call quickly as a client was on his way . . . → Read More: My Number One Cum Eater

A Sissie’s Slutty Adventure



OMG! I just got an email from “soyoungurl”. You know, fucky sucky, me so hawnay, me suck you good long time? Nice close up of the sissy slut with a condomed huge black cock in mouth. I wish I could share. sissy has been doing . . . → Read More: A Sissie’s Slutty Adventure

Panty Hose Pic For “Loser”


“Loser” finally got his perfect foot encased in pantyhose pic. That’s because he followed through and losered up! There you go, loser. Imagine these awesome feet smothering your face and making you swoon!

Boys love a good questionnaire. Here is one I’m sure you’ll want to dig into: . . . → Read More: Panty Hose Pic For “Loser”

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