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Teenie Weenie Rolls Again

Teenie Weenie Little Dickie

Teenie weenie…who is that? Just about 90% of my callers…lol. Is it odd that every single caller today has a little cock? All different phone fantasies among them, from cuckold boys to sissy bois. Actually I dished out small penis humiliation to 100%. There was mention of not really into . . . → Read More: Teenie Weenie Rolls Again

Quantum Dick

Micro Dick

Is it a wave? Is it a particle? It’s quantum dick! It’s both it’s both! What does Quantum Physics have to do with a dick? You guessed it…my fave subject: small penis humiliation! That’s what it is in a nut sac.


In the quantum world everything is so tiny it . . . → Read More: Quantum Dick

Small Dick Or All Dick

2 Cocks Are Better Than One

It’s either feast or famine they say, but not in the princess camp. The best thing is to think positively so you can have both. Two cocks are better than one. One for small penis humiliation, one for sexual pleasure and body worship. You see princess can . . . → Read More: Small Dick Or All Dick

Small Cock, Inferior Stock


There’s No Tellin’

Is it true? It depends on what context. Often noted men with small cocks have money and brains, which is the case for Zane. Men with small cocks make for good cuckold submissive husbands. Good stock bad stock, wherever the apple falls. I do believe it . . . → Read More: Small Cock, Inferior Stock

The Last Dick On Earth

Small Cock DNA

Imagine an apocalyptic world where men just died off one by one, except for one. It was the earth’s cure for overpopulation and breeding of the masses. One boy carried a gene that would save mankind and restore the balance. His DNA was extracted and put to work. Problem is, . . . → Read More: The Last Dick On Earth