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Cum Eating And Then Some

My Cum Eater

So I just talked to this boy who called me with a hand load of cum…yum! He wanted a choice of tease and denial or coerced cum eating. Since I love it when boys stroke, cum, and eat, you know what I chose. BUT…..under the condition that he can get hard, stroke his cock, and cum again, a second time. Of course since he will do anything I say and adores his dominant Princess, he gave me the second load without much effort. He said my pictures drive him crazy and makes his dick hard. Excellent I said, now get to work and give me double duty! He did, he ate, and gave me a great big thank you!

Sissy Cheerleaders

Ok sissies, Miss Meredith commented that she loved the cheerleader costume selection. She did say I would be a better cheerleader than you. I suggested I would be the captain giving lots of instruction. Some of you sissy sluts would love coaching in the area of servicing dick for the football team, locker room style of course. I would also require strap on training sissy slut style for when the big day comes. Get yer pom poms out!

Princess Britany

2 comments to Cum Eating And Then Some

  • Ms Britany, I love the vision of you bending your cheerleaders over and making their pom poms shake while you “encourage” them to be the best little sluts they can be. Perhaps you can invite another Mistress to warm up those pretty little mouths! 😉

  • Britany

    Ok Princess Britany, it shows he can do whatever you need and like to keep him where he belongs, as the cum eater that he totally is.I’m surprised at his endurance too. He is completely devoted to you, so enjoy. he is a keeper 🙂

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