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Emasculation and Sissy Humiliation

Emasculation 0f Sissies

Emasculation is a form of humiliation that was once known as pussy whipping. In these times, sissies have sprung up like flowers in a spring garden.  Sissification has been around forever, the boi forever being emasculated by strong and controlling dominant women. An emasculatrix is simply a sissy mistress, and sometimes a cuckoldress.  Truth be told, sissified men are in all walks of BDSM.

Emasculation And Sissy Humiliation: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Humiliated Little Sissy Cock

I do enjoy most the emasculation of the sissy, because it’s right out front. He is a sissy and there is no doubt about his femininity. You can say SISSY, and he is immediately in an emasculation mode. He has been called on it and blushes. He is humiliated and his tiny little sissy dick gets hard because the humiliation factor probably runs the highest in feminization.

Cuckold Emasculation

Cuckold emasculation is fun because you can also sissify the cuckold, so I like to bond these together. The cuckold in the corner in a cute pink nighty, emasculated, sissified and humiliated and eventually enjoying some bull cock while I direct, order and mention out loud who has the biggest and best cock.

Small Penis Humiliation at a CFNM Party

Let’s face it. A small penis is always so emasculating, and then who can resist hiding it behind some panties. Small penis humiliation is best at a CFNM party, so he can dance and display his shortcoming. As usual, a sheer pink apron and a pair of crotchless panties make the night oh so humiliating and fun.


Princess Britany


6 comments to Emasculation and Sissy Humiliation

  • Petey cream puff

    It is all about you dressing/lipstick kissing/turning and keeping me as your cream puff girl. This is what I want!!! It’s who I am and become. I can’t fight/resist or say no. You are to hot and sexy to do this. I admit I always wanted women to do this to me. What real man would ever let hot women dress/lipstick kiss/turn and keep them as their cream puff girl? Not many. But I’m not a man I’m your cream puff girl.

  • Ms. Britany, I am right there with you, I love to humiliate sissies especially the ones who think that they can recover their manhood. Do you tell them once they are emasculated there is no going back? How can he be a man if someone has screwed his wife,put him in panties and put him on his knees?!We are here to keep reminding them that emasculation is final!

  • It seems to me that most sissies would love and welcome being relieved of their –masculation. Who wants to be masculine when being in a sexy outfit on their knees feels so right? I’m sure they never really expected they’d end up embracing the very thing that used to get them teased and bullied. Thankfully, they have an emasculatrix like you to tease them the best way possible!

  • Britany

    such enthusiasm, petey

  • Britany

    HAHA…Oh perfect! “recover” their manhood 🙂

  • Britany

    They want this always even when they say they dont!

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