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Foot Fetish Friday

Foot Fetish Friday will be mentioned any Friday I post here. I planned on doing that in the beginning, then I had so much to blog about I put it on the wayside. I’m wondering how popular of a subject would it be. Since I have perfect feet, I say why not?

Foot Fetish Friday: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169


If you have a foot fetish, which pretty much means you are a knee dweller, you should be reading this on your knees like the toe licker that you are. You like foot aroma, aroma from my shoes, my socks and stockings which you fish out of my hamper daily, and partake in trampling whether I am barefoot or in stilettos. Maybe it developed when you lived below a girl with hardwood floors listening to her heels click across the floor, maybe you liked the thump of bare feet instead.

Foot Fetish Friday: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Your ultimate ambition is to learn the art of pedicure and the art of foot massage with your tongue. If you eat your cum, you like cumming on my feet and licking it off. A certain nail polish color makes you hard, and some like dirty unkempt feet with cracks. A sissy bi-cocksucker may like the whole foot in her mouth while she strokes off in an open toed pump. Some talk of sweaty shopping feet, where Mistress shops all day in the same shoe, or even an athletic shoe at the gym.

Foot Fetish Friday: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

The overt foot worship foot fetish boy requests to fuck the barefoot soles of the Goddess as he holds the feet in his hands. This is really pushing it and if Mistress wants to punish him, she can slap him hard across his face with her shoe! Do you have a novel foot fetish proclivity? Tell me!

Princess Britany

2 comments to Foot Fetish Friday

  • I think feet deserve to be talked about more. There are so many subbies who love all kinds of feet. Not only can they be sexy in shoes, but as you mentioned very appetizing bare also. Too bad more of my callers aren’t into cock and foot play. I love it!

  • Britany

    We definitely need more foot boys on calls Ms Lena

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