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Humiliated Sissies Counting The Ways

Humiliated Sissies are so Many

Humiliated sissies! Endless ways to humiliate them, shall I count the ways? Yes, I will starting with the first fact of being a sissy which all others spring from. When a boy becomes sissy, or rather realizes he is a sissy, he has already raided the panty drawer of someone or at least tried on panties and lingerie. The word sissy doesn’t come around until he has hit the web for research. After the big “A-Ha,” he joins forums and clubs, and begins to seek out a Mistress either in a phone sex site, or real time. Where does sissy humiliation come in?

Humiliated Sissies Counting The Ways: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Little Dick Discovery

Sissy discovers he has a tiny little penis and has to live with it. Wearing panties? No problem, because no problem with a big lump in the front. Sissy decides that being a sissy is the only way to be with such under endowment. Humiliation One. He’s probably a nerd that does well in science. Mean girls recognize the sissy demeanor and take advantage of that right away. He’s a homework slave while these girls humiliate him about how they love having a football team guy and not a sissy. Humiliation two.

Humiliated Sissies Counting The Ways: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Bi-Curious Humiliated Sissies

Later down the road sissy gets a good job and starts collecting girliewear. Sissy goes to glory holes or online date arrangements enfemme, sucks cock, eats cum and feels guilty about it. Humiliation number three.

The Full On Jaded Humiliated Gurl

Between purges and domination sessions, she has become a full on gurl, jaded if you will, but still humiliated. Humiliation becomes very pleasurable. She then finds many ways to be humiliated unique to her own style, so counting the ways of sissy humiliation is personal. It can be 2 or 3 things or it can be an endless list!


Princess Britany



13 comments to Humiliated Sissies Counting The Ways

  • I love all of your ideas for humiliating sissies! Beta boys are just asking for a dominant woman to torment them. Their little bitch demeanor rolls out the red carpet and puts out the welcome mat (for a Mistress like you to walk all over!)

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve fallen into this. 😮😳😮. I have raided the panty drawer wearing panties/bras/lipstick/makeup along with dresses/women’s clothes when I was younger in my step moms closet. And yes wearing panties is needed for me as
    I’m 2-3’and keeps me in place despite having lump along with matching bra. I confessed this to my masseuse and she told me I need to accept this and said it’s who I am and become. She’s right!!
    She’s measured/fitted me in bra/taken pictures with her phone of me in dresses/makeup/lipstick along with taking me out wearing women’s turtleneck sweater/silk blouse/bra/leggings/ankle and knee high boots smelling in perfume. She said not to worry about her husband or care what others think as I’m with her. Needless to say I’m her cream puff girl which I’ve accepted and don’t want her to let me go.

  • Britany

    Lucky lucky gurl!

  • Britany

    Oh yes Ms Piper, be a bitch goddess diva!

  • SissyKrissie

    Miss Britany, you’ve perfectly described every step of my sissy awakening. I often wonder what would have been, had I not tried on my first pair of panties…..would I have been a real man otherwise?

    I’m not sure….but either way, I have only one step to go before I’m 100% sissy…..with Miss Cindy’s encouragement I will take the plunge and suck on my first cock soon enough.

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Brittney this is what I always wanted in relationship and I found it with my masseuse. She said this is who I am and become. She mentioned that she wants to go on 4-5 day getaway with me in may. I told her that would be great for both of us to take break and enjoy one another. Hoping this happens. If so I’m going to bring my dresses/women’s clothes/boots/makeup/lipsticks/perfumes/bras/panties/slips/wig/d cup breast forms/slip. She’s taken me out dressed few times already and honestly I didn’t mind it one bit as it was a thrill and rush that I was with her. With her business I respect that she does that along with her clients that are there for treatment and not into what she’s doing as we keep it amongst ourselves. Like what you Dane with Zane she’s done this to me making me her cream puff girl forever.

  • Britany

    Oh you do have it made, right petey?

  • Britany

    Yes they are welcome mats Ms Piper 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    I do mistresss, my masseuse has told me not to spend foolishly or she will kick my butt. I told her I won’t as she has pictures of me dressed and made up and she can hit send anytime. Honestly I wanted her to do this to me. I’m glad she has. At this point and time I don’t care it’s hot how she’s started using perfumes/lotions on my skin and cheeks for facials to keep me soft and girlish smelling all the time with having m wear bra/panties all the time under my boy clothes. It amazing how much power women have over guys and she has it over me.

  • Britany

    Good comment petey, you appreciate Femdom

  • Sissy Ashley

    Hi Mistress
    I can really relate to your insightful post as I love wearing panties, have a tiny penis and love sucking cock, although I have only had a few chances to do so. Hugs
    Sissy Ashley

  • Britany

    Thanks sissy ashley!

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