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Just Another Little Sissy Fag

Smooth as silk

Smooth as silk

A Faggie Bitch Boi

Ah yes, so many out there except this one twerks. Crissy the little faggie bitch boy. FBB for short is of course a little sissy who does not mind going out for a little dinner of cum taken right from the source. She says she will get out in the field for some raw action, just for me! I love it when a femmy sissy gets all dressed up to twerk her butt for pussy hungry boys. These boys would rather have a pussy but a sissy will do. I for one would never play second fiddle. Turn on your tunes and twerk, sissy boi!

The Big Dick Appointment Guy

Just last week I had a call from another cum eater on his way to “an appointment”. He had me on phone as he was detailing the add he put in and was answered. A crass add that read “I will cum over..” instead of ” I will come over”. You get the picture, anything for a quick and nasty suck and fuck. The guy answered the door and I heard a few brief greetings as this slut dropped to his knees upon demand. The fly was already open and the dick was hard and huge. I heard all of the details. The moaning, the slurping, the ecstasy of having a big load splashing on the roof of his mouth. The sound of the guy cumming hard with a loud and excited groan. It was quite a call. Then I heard “Oh yeah that was good, come over anytime, see ya…..”. Not even a thank you! Can you imagine?

Princess Britany

2 comments to Just Another Little Sissy Fag

  • Petey cream puff

    At least a thank you should’ve been in order. All of you are so hot and sexy to resist. I can’t help that I line to wear bras/panties/slips/dresses/heels/leggings/yoga pants/boots/heels/lipstick. With you and the other sexy mistresses I can’t resist nor win. I’ve tried to explain that I don’t want to be made into a girl but it’s no use and it’s only way I can get hard and off. By doing that it means I’m weak and a cream puff submissive/feminine sissy that wants to be made into a girl.

  • douglas t. gugel aka tinypp sissy wimp faggot

    All my female friends have said I’m too tiny to be a man so they feminized me & now have turned me into a totall femme sissy gay & trained me & now I’m allways dressed femme & date only real men & gay men & am their lil gay sissy bitch gurl now !!!

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