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A Little Sissy In A Big Bonnet

Princess Britany

The Frilly Sissy

I am partial to the sissies who call for the sweet frilly dresses that go best with a bonnet of the same color. To dress them up and send them shopping is even more fun. To go with the outfit I like a huge lollipop to go with it that says “I suck” in big white frosting letters. Imagine that little sissy skipping freely down the happy halls of a mall all decorated up for Xmas! She gleefully announces that she is there to shop for her Mistress, and to collect more cutest wear for herself. She is a happy little sissy who later on will be looking for cock in the mall bathrooms. After she has met her cocksucking cum eating quota, she will happily devour her lollipop.

Surprise Sexy Toys

Upon coming home from her shopping extravaganza, she reveals to Mistress all of her findings for her and Mistress. In the big bag are Christmas toys she calls them. Pretty red strap on dildo, a festive silver prostate massager, bondage rope in candy cane design, all of this presented while she wears her big pink bonnet. How adorable. Mistress must give her a little corner time while she contacts friends to come over to humiliate the little sissy. Surely small penis humiliation is in order to bring in the holidays. What else would Mistress do with that spool of green ribbon. Some bows need to be tied!


Princess Britany


6 comments to A Little Sissy In A Big Bonnet

  • With so many men masquerading around as male longing from the strong hand of a woman (mistress) willing to emasculate him and put him in out in society in dresses and skirts will only make the frilly sissy want to conform to the role and enjoy all surprise sex toys.

  • Do you know what goes perfectly with a frilly dress and matching bonnet? A pair of lacy rhumba panties! Nothing like a sexy peek of lace when a sissy is twirling and sucking her lollipop. I’m sure pretty sissy would love to show off her pink clitty with a big green bow! 😉

  • Oooh Princess Brittany, you are such a wicked dominatrix! I LOVE everything about this from the big I SUCK lolipop right down to the candycane bondage rope, cocksucker cum eating quota required of your sissies in the mall bathrooms (!) and of course topped off with a big dollop of SPH! What a magical Holiday season your sissies have to look forward to!

  • Britany

    Thank you Ms Audrey, sissies can be so much fun!

  • Britany

    Rhumba rhumba!!!! Oh lala…yes Ms Piper!

  • Britany

    sex toys for naughty bois I say ms Cindy!

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