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Punishment Panties

What Is Panty Punishment

A sissy would definitely perk their ear at punishment panties. Imagining a sissy with panties, scratchy velcro covering the little dickie area, I guess a one inch square would do. Maybe panties that have locks. I have seen these. I was thinking in the lines of doing sessions ordering masturbation to be loaded up in the panties, the majority of the cum eaten, and some left over to dry in the panties while being worn. Being worn under jeans while visiting family, working, golfing, at the gym, stuff like that. This keeps boy or boi always thinking of his Mistress. The crusty feeling while on the treadmill, and the humiliation of it all when ordered to do so. This is the art of punishment panties.

Your Panty Lines Are Showing, Sissy!

The bigger the panty line the better because sometimes gym workouts will be done in tight bicycle shorts and for general going out, tight jeans will be worn. Hey sissy! Your panty lines are showing!!! Things like that. The whole point of panty punishment is humiliation.

Be A Pageant Queen

Coming soon, speaking of panties, we have the sissy pageant I’m sure you all know about. Now come on gurls. I am here for advice and guidance. Not enough of you have asked. I simply want a sneak peek. Well maybe it’s best this way. Princess can be too humiliating sometimes.

XOX Princess Bratany

7 comments to Punishment Panties

  • I guess the sissy knows as part of his panty punishment he will not protest as it will only make matters worse for him. He also knows the look is very sissified and the humiliation will be intense.

  • Britany

    he definitely knows Ms Cindy!

  • I love this idea of punishment panties with a little square of velcro. Over time, little sissy will have a sore clitty, and even when she’s out of the punishment panties, the soreness will remind her of Mistress’ love and control!

  • donna

    Forcing the sissy to kiss all the Ladies’ panties and know the difference
    would educate the sissy on the types of panties and the beautiful Superior Women.

  • Britany

    donna would have a panty quiz and would pass!

  • Britany

    and all we would need is a “little” square Ms Piper 😉

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Love the panty kissing 💋 would love to 💋 kiss Mistress white pantys my goal in life. I don’t want a sore clitty.

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