Big Titty Sissy


J Cup Chrissy

Is there such a thing as a J cup? As you can see I have c cup perkies and wouldnt want it any other way. i just talked to sissy chrissy who has an enormous tit fetish on his friend Marjorie. I included in fantasy today that Marjorie . . . → Read More: Big Titty Sissy


Oh My, Yet Another Outed Sissy


It’s Foot Fetish Friday!

Just Another Sissy Cocksucker

Poor kevin has had to wait sooooooo long to be outed on here. So many sissies and so little time. I tried to give kevin a girlie name but he insists that I use his real name to enhance the humiliation of being . . . → Read More: Oh My, Yet Another Outed Sissy


Eating Cum Can Be Fun


Calling All Cum Eaters

But don’t ask me to do it. I hate the taste of it and the raw egg like consistency. Many have tried and all have been shot down. Since I only like enormous cocks, often I can’t even suck it more that an inch or 2. This . . . → Read More: Eating Cum Can Be Fun


Jamie The Slut


Sissy faggot jamie likes to be blogged about and outed about what a little cocksucking faggot she is. Read on:

Hi Princess Britany-

I so enjoyed our call Saturday and you telling me I’m a sissy and a faggot. I want to be one of the girls so much, which is . . . → Read More: Jamie The Slut


Tease, Denied, Cried



Every now and then I talk to a boy who actually cries because his balls are so blue and full of cum. Now why are they? Because the agreement was he is never allowed to cum with me. He is in total orgasm denial . . . → Read More: Tease, Denied, Cried