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Teased To Tears As The Orgasm Nears

Please Your Princess

As the orgasm nears, does he get to cum? He may. It all depends on how well he has stroked. I have to be really impressed to let it go in a normal fashion. This takes a lot, of course, to please a princess and to amuse her in the way . . . → Read More: Teased To Tears As The Orgasm Nears

Suck Him Off Sunday

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Are You Ready To Suck Cock?

Mondays for this, Tuesdays for that, Princess has a special day for little bi curious cocksuckers and cum eaters. That’s Sundays. Sunday on the west coast is just about over, so it’s time for all of my dick licking callers to get to the . . . → Read More: Suck Him Off Sunday

Crossdressers and Bondage

Call Your Princess 1-800-601-6975

A Bondage CD

Tonight I have a date with a crossdresser who loves bondage. What crossdresser doesn’t? He’s a very good looking boy and even better as a girl! His long brown hair is highlighted and styled. He has long pretty eyelashes and full sexy lips. The only problem . . . → Read More: Crossdressers and Bondage

Coercing The Bi Boys

Princess Britany

Attention Cocksuckers

Did you just tell me that you loved to be coerced to suck cock? Yes you did and you are blushing in the most flattering shade of red. I can teach you to be the most awesome cocksucker, and the option to wear panties is all yours! In fact . . . → Read More: Coercing The Bi Boys

Humiliation With Andi And Britany

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Fuckface Daisy

The Princess alliance continues with Andi and me, sharing a glory hole slut. This slut is making the rounds to as many clubs as possible to fulfill the fifty blowjobs that she promised us! She fashions herself and imagines herself as Daisy Duke, so we call her “fuckface . . . → Read More: Humiliation With Andi And Britany