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Dick Breath Jamie Confesses

Though I most likely will be gone tomorrow, give a call to another Princess. You can call me now cuz I’m on for a little bit longer. You ask, where are you going Britany? Shopping? Oh no, please. My Princess feet will not be trampled because of some sale. I don’t do Black . . . → Read More: Dick Breath Jamie Confesses

Hello Dick Breath

Yep, we are offering again, absolutely free 10 min calls to everyone on this day. I’ll be here!

Cocksuckers Read On

Who is dick breath? Dick breath is to all who call me requesting bi-fantasies of sucking cock and eating cum from the guys who love a blow job from anyone as long . . . → Read More: Hello Dick Breath

Faggy Pants Adventure

A Fag By Any Other Name…..

The Big Black Dick Fetish Fag

Faggy pants twerk boi, good name but the name just had to be abbreviated for the sake of practicality. Thus this nasty book store slut is faggy pants from here on out. Faggy as I mentioned is not a sissy and . . . → Read More: Faggy Pants Adventure

Cocksucking Fantasies Of A Sissy

Suck That Cock Sissy!

Liar Liar Panties On Fire

Why is it when you ask some sissies if they suck cock, they will tell you that they only like women but sissy will suck her strap on. A strap on is a major give away that the sissy would be open to a . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Fantasies Of A Sissy

Suck And Serve

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Cocksucking Boys

Ah yes…another one of my favorite subjects, coerced cocksucking. Having a boy take the plunge after so many declarations of “I’ll do it tomorrow”. All of the I’ll do it tomorrows are done and gone, and now you will finally do it, today, tonight, but not tomorrow! Always . . . → Read More: Suck And Serve