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Rubber Doll Sissy

The Rubber Dolly

Just when you think a kink has lost it’s novelty, it has disappeared except for in Germany, here she comes. the rubber doll sissy. She is entirely dressed in rubber, usually pink or blue, tits blown up way beyond belief, and wearing super tall Mary Janes. You can see the . . . → Read More: Rubber Doll Sissy

A Cuckold’s Just Deserts

Cream Pies

You certainly must know what I mean by just deserts. A cream pie, what else? The stronger the pie, the better the guy. The stronger tasting his cum is, will be even more humiliating for a cuckold husband with a craving for strong degradation. I don’t know of anything more degrading . . . → Read More: A Cuckold’s Just Deserts

Zane’s Cocksucking Adventure

Cum For Dessert?

My sissy slave boy Zane and I spent a few days in San Francisco recently. Zane was attending a geek workshop in the city, and I did some shopping around Union Square with Zanes credit card. We had some amazing food and as we were strolling on Nob Hill, I . . . → Read More: Zane’s Cocksucking Adventure

Dick Breath Jamie Confesses

Though I most likely will be gone tomorrow, give a call to another Princess. You can call me now cuz I’m on for a little bit longer. You ask, where are you going Britany? Shopping? Oh no, please. My Princess feet will not be trampled because of some sale. I don’t do Black . . . → Read More: Dick Breath Jamie Confesses

Hello Dick Breath

Yep, we are offering again, absolutely free 10 min calls to everyone on this day. I’ll be here!

Cocksuckers Read On

Who is dick breath? Dick breath is to all who call me requesting bi-fantasies of sucking cock and eating cum from the guys who love a blow job from anyone as long . . . → Read More: Hello Dick Breath