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BDSM Body Worshippers

Trampling Feet, Humiliated And Objectified

BDSM has many fun areas but today, I think body worship has it’s place. When I think of body worship, I think of really rough face sitting and maybe some trampling barefoot, making contact with the slave being humiliated and objectified. He knows you are there and that is . . . → Read More: BDSM Body Worshippers

All The Better to Cuckold You with My Dear

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Cuckold Body Worshippers

Long smooth shapely legs. That’s me. I find leg and ass men to be the most intelligent of all men. I love the reaction when I tell guys that I’m 5’11” tall. Immediately they imagine being down on their knees to worship which then leads to face . . . → Read More: All The Better to Cuckold You with My Dear