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Punishment Panties

What Is Panty Punishment

A sissy would definitely perk their ear at punishment panties. Imagining a sissy with panties, scratchy velcro covering the little dickie area, I guess a one inch square would do. Maybe panties that have locks. I have seen these. I was thinking in the lines of doing sessions ordering . . . → Read More: Punishment Panties

Small Dick Or All Dick

2 Cocks Are Better Than One

It’s either feast or famine they say, but not in the princess camp. The best thing is to think positively so you can have both. Two cocks are better than one. One for small penis humiliation, one for sexual pleasure and body worship. You see princess can . . . → Read More: Small Dick Or All Dick

Silk Wraps For Sissy

The Deal

Zane the brain got a little stiffie as I showed him my freshly manicured nails which happen to be 100% authentic. I asked him if he imagined my thumb and index finger stroking his little cock while I cruelly humiliate him. He enthusiastically grabbed at the offer. I told him under . . . → Read More: Silk Wraps For Sissy

What A Good Sissy Slave Is Expected To Do


A Day At Britany’s Humiliation Den

I had a fun conversation with J-boy the other day discussing a day in the life of zane while visiting Me. This would be a day when Lilly gets no attention from zane, and Maya, my bestie and I demand it all. Lilly, . . . → Read More: What A Good Sissy Slave Is Expected To Do

The Fabulous Four Way

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Fun Call With Ms Amber

I had a fun call with Ms Amber today, detailing a four way phone sex fantasy with a boy named “harry”.

Poor “Little” Harry

Harold is my boyfriend with an average sized dick. I condescendingly call him “harry” cuz I’m a lil bitch princess who . . . → Read More: The Fabulous Four Way