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Stocking Fetish, Pantyhose Preference

Stocking Fetish? Pantyhose Gurl?

Stocking fetish or pantyhose selection. You must love both because sissy clothing requires both. A dress with a slit on the side would require stockings with lace toppers, or a garter belt with garters. It depends on the season as well. Panty hose keeps a sissy warm, and she will . . . → Read More: Stocking Fetish, Pantyhose Preference

Tying Up A Sissy Geek


Zane The Pussy Boi

It’s been awhile since I chimed in about Zane and our antics. He does everything for me now including driving, dishes, pedicures, strong massages, and CFNM. Yes I got him to finally get used to the idea that he must entertain princess and her friends.

. . . → Read More: Tying Up A Sissy Geek

Aroma Fetish Revisited


When I start talking about foot fetishes, it naturally brings me to aroma fetishes. With foot fetishists, sometimes the stinkier the feet , the better. Shoes are sniffed and licked, socks are fished out of hampers along with used hose.

Aroma Articles Of Worship

With aroma fetish, panties and shirts are fished . . . → Read More: Aroma Fetish Revisited

My Number One Cum Eater

Are you drooling yet???

J-Boy Voted Best Stroker For Princess

That’s j-boy’s favorite picture, the one he sometimes gets to cum and eat his cum to like he did today and a few days ago. A few days ago he had to end the call quickly as a client was on his way . . . → Read More: My Number One Cum Eater

Teased To Tears As The Orgasm Nears

Please Your Princess

As the orgasm nears, does he get to cum? He may. It all depends on how well he has stroked. I have to be really impressed to let it go in a normal fashion. This takes a lot, of course, to please a princess and to amuse her in the way . . . → Read More: Teased To Tears As The Orgasm Nears