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Goddesses of Humiliation

Goddesses, Princesses and Mistresses all have that humiliation brand in common. There are all kinds, of course! I don’t have to go through the list, or do I? You like hearing it. It most likely makes your cock hard at any size. When you hear the word Goddess, you may immediately think of hot . . . → Read More: Goddesses of Humiliation

Cock Tease from Princess Please

Cock Teasing with Flair and Fun

Cock tease from a Princess is fun because of creativity involved. She will go above and beyond to make your cock hard, just by looking at her lifting her skirt or pulling down her top, she will make your dick jump around, twitch, spout precum, all for her . . . → Read More: Cock Tease from Princess Please

Domination the Princess Way

Domination Games with Sissies and Rope

Domination, a practice of plenty. Personally I prefer bondage sissies who are purists and insist on rope bondage. Rope bondage ala Shibari can be very pretty and ornate, especially done with pretty pink rope. Dressing the sissy up first is the “forplay”, getting her ready for a long . . . → Read More: Domination the Princess Way

Leg Worship at a Cost

Leg Worship is Hard Work

Leg worship demands a whole lot of attention. In the realm of body worship, the attention is only part of the cost. Leg love requires boots, shoes, stockings, foot massage, leg massage, and maybe a little leg humping, if Princess allows. Let’s get to the basics. Exactly what does . . . → Read More: Leg Worship at a Cost

Jerk Off Perks for You and Your Dick

Imagine that! Getting paid to jerk off. Well, kind of.

Jerk off and get rewards. Too good to be true you say. Well, guess what? All you have to do is sign up and start stacking points! I mean, like you are calling me and stroking your cock anyways. You are being teased and . . . → Read More: Jerk Off Perks for You and Your Dick