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Shoe Licker Humiliation

A Loser Writes

So I have been getting emails from pathetic loser sissy dani. This is the most original one to date:

“Dear Princess Britany,

Please may I call you to be humiliated? You are far superior to me. I should not even be allowed to look at your pictures.

I am ashamed . . . → Read More: Shoe Licker Humiliation

Aroma Fetish Revisited


When I start talking about foot fetishes, it naturally brings me to aroma fetishes. With foot fetishists, sometimes the stinkier the feet , the better. Shoes are sniffed and licked, socks are fished out of hampers along with used hose.

Aroma Articles Of Worship

With aroma fetish, panties and shirts are fished . . . → Read More: Aroma Fetish Revisited

Beautiful Princess Feet

Bend over and prepare to lick

Foot Fetishists

The topic of foot fetish, shoe fetish, and pantyhose have a great effect on the lovers of these fetishes. Because feet are at the very bottom, a foot fetishist will contort to the lowest possible position to view every detail of the toes and foot.

. . . → Read More: Beautiful Princess Feet

CFNM and Cum Eating Boys

Cum Eating CFNM Boy

CFNM is more fun when there is a goal in mind such as cum eating. Bringing in an “entertainer” preferably a real boy as opposed to a sissy. A real man won’t whine and complain and will do all things asked without topping from the bottom. My newest CFNM . . . → Read More: CFNM and Cum Eating Boys

Foot, Shoe, And Boot Worship

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

The Bottom Feeder Fetishist

Boot lick much? Imagine being on your knees licking these ┬áshiny delicious boots, and hovering in my closet cleaning all of my shoes and boots with your tongue. Another good job would be to get in my hamper and hand wash all of my pantyhose, stockings, . . . → Read More: Foot, Shoe, And Boot Worship