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The Tulip Fairy of Mayberry

The tulip fairy is a sissy I just talked to from North Carolina.  Her name is also Andy but hates to be called that, so she refers to herself as the pink tulip fairy . Her yard sprouts pink tulips in the spring. She has a way with bulbs. Plants seem to love sissies . . . → Read More: The Tulip Fairy of Mayberry

Sexy Therapist Gives Good Advice

Introducing, Sexy Therapist Britany.

Today is the day you go to see your sexy therapist. Me being your therapist has given good rewards. You have gotten things off your chest. It’s mostly about your penchant for crossdressing and stroking your cock excessively to porn. We have worked out a great program for you. The . . . → Read More: Sexy Therapist Gives Good Advice

Mall Sissy Saturday: Let’s Go!

Mall sissy or, more likely, sissies on a Saturday afternoon, sitting at the pavilion having a pink smoothie and looking at her shopping list. What does she need today except to strut and be noticed in her girlie wear. Here I come, Princess Britany. The hot girl you always wanted to be, and I’m . . . → Read More: Mall Sissy Saturday: Let’s Go!

Dry Balling : You Said You Wanted Cumming!

Dry Balling For The Amusement Of Your Princess

Dry balling? Think of masturbation marathoning. Boys that whine and beg for orgasms end up dry balled and drained. Not to mention raw. So get plenty of lubricant out and really use it! When I have a boy in chastity or orgasm denial, inevitably he will . . . → Read More: Dry Balling : You Said You Wanted Cumming!

Goddesses of Humiliation

Goddesses, Princesses and Mistresses all have that humiliation brand in common. There are all kinds, of course! I don’t have to go through the list, or do I? You like hearing it. It most likely makes your cock hard at any size. When you hear the word Goddess, you may immediately think of hot . . . → Read More: Goddesses of Humiliation