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Foot Worship With Bondage

Foot Tease

As the caption by alice says…and this is how we start with it. The slow steady tease of my feet for your foot fetish torture. Slow seductive control of your cock with the aroma of my feet, grasping between the toes and driving you crazy. Do you like the fact that . . . → Read More: Foot Worship With Bondage

A Sissy Named Peggy

A Sweet Old Fashioned Sissy Slut

Isn’t “peggy” the cutest name for a gurl. Now I think you know why this sissy gurl is named sissy peggy, don’t you? Yes little pervie, she likes being pegged with a big fat strap on. She does not like real man dick. It is essential at . . . → Read More: A Sissy Named Peggy

Bondage and Tease

Silk Stocking Bondage

My favorite way to tease a cock is with silk stocking bondage on a bed with four wooden posts. It’s so much easier than rope and the teasee enjoys the feeling of silk on his wrists. If the teasee has a stocking fetish, than all the better! Worn smelly stockings . . . → Read More: Bondage and Tease