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Foot Beotches , Here’s Your Friday Fix

All The Better To Trample You With

Foot Beotch mikey b called last night with a “toetally” brill idea, now if the foot humiliation junkie only does it! He will take a picture of his torso (because his lil ugly face does not want to be revealed) minus his dickie. Property of Princess . . . → Read More: Foot Beotches , Here’s Your Friday Fix

Free Audios From the Princess Coming Soon

Eat Your Heart Out

Get your magnifying glass out, imagine crawling between these feet slowly, and just as you get close enough, I trap you and laugh so hard. Like I would really let you go all the way, as if! Keeping you posted, I just got an audio program for recording. Get . . . → Read More: Free Audios From the Princess Coming Soon

Friday Loves Foot Boys

Lucky Sissy! Not only you get my panties, but you get my feet…

It’s foot fetish friday! Do you deserve this photo? not. Anyways I dont have time for you today. I’m getting ready to go out and party tonight. I’m going down to the geisha house for some totally awesome sushi and . . . → Read More: Friday Loves Foot Boys

Hump Day Cuckold Humiliation


It’s humiliation hump day! This one goes out to cuckolded pussy battered husbands, the ones that wait at home, late at night, sitting in dark cavern chat. Dark cavern is a rad chat room containing big black alpha males, hottie white girls who love black dick . . . → Read More: Hump Day Cuckold Humiliation

Why Sissies Need Humiliation

OMG! You Cant be that pathetic, are you??

Pee wee faggy pants did follow through with a call on Saturday except the little fag was late and I signed out to do some shopping. Then the dumb little sissy sends an email exactly 3 min after I sign out throwing a totally faggy . . . → Read More: Why Sissies Need Humiliation