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Door Mat Foot Boy

A Princess Always Needs a Doormat

Partee on Garth, my premiere foot boy called last night with an awesome foot and shoe fantasy. Also, he generously bought me the burgundy Egyptian cotton sheets that were on my wish list. Before I forget, the subscription problem has been resolved. Sign up for my blog . . . → Read More: Door Mat Foot Boy

A Little Bi-Cocksucking For Humiliation Wednesday


I so know the forced bi faggot will suck cock for me. It’s about control and how much I own you. You will do anything to please your princess, and here you are, glory holing at my suggestion. This is your Wednesday post, readying yourself for . . . → Read More: A Little Bi-Cocksucking For Humiliation Wednesday

The Britany and Jason Show! Sissy Bitch Humiliation

Massage Time! Get Ready For Some Hard Work. It's Been A Long Weekend, Sissy

This weekend I played with my new guy Jason. He’s a real man who is absolutely amused by my job. I was apprehensive to tell him, but we had dinner at an Italian restaurant and I had one wine . . . → Read More: The Britany and Jason Show! Sissy Bitch Humiliation

Worship My Feet Day

Panty Hose With Your Feet??

Partee on Garth waited patiently in the q while I was humiliating a sissy. Eventually he was connected and told me he was on his knees for the full hour…ouch! Then we had a fab foot boy fantasy call of garthy naked and waiting for instruction at the . . . → Read More: Worship My Feet Day

Cock Control Humiliation


Welcome to hump day humiliation where I am the star and you are the loser being humiliated every single Wednesday. Every Wednesday is a humiliation topic of my choice, depending on loser quota and what I feel like. Today is devoted to those who cannot hold the load, . . . → Read More: Cock Control Humiliation