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Big Dicks First!

You are not worthy

I’ve been spending more and more time with Jason these days. Often I do take calls while he is here watching movies or hanging by the pool. Last week one lucky cuckold boy got to hear us fuck. That kept him on the phone for awhile. I was talking . . . → Read More: Big Dicks First!

What Does it Mean to Suck Cock For Me?

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

OMG. Do you actually think I can make you do that??? ┬áSo how do I make you do that. I won’t be there ordering you to be the Princess’s slut. What you do is called “the buddy” system where you do it and report back. You should know this, dumb . . . → Read More: What Does it Mean to Suck Cock For Me?

Cock Control Using a Cactus??

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

I talked to a boy from the UK from the cockstoking site the other day who had a novel toy in his stroke off kit. A cactus. First of all I asked him if you can really get a cactus in the UK. Evidently you can in a specialty store. . . . → Read More: Cock Control Using a Cactus??

The Power Of Kitten Heel Shoes

Princess Britany's Kitten Heels

Well, not exactly kitten heels but close. Actually, I really don’t like kitten heels. They have to be 2 inches at least.

Get down and worship my feet and join my group , bitch Princess humiliation on Make yourself very useful and earn the audios that I’m ummmm…throwing . . . → Read More: The Power Of Kitten Heel Shoes

Yet More Pillow Humping


OMG. Is this becoming the pastime of the stoke dude masses?? It’s called pillow humping, certainly you have read about in my posts. It is becoming a fetish, now to get a variation of pillows and fabrics.

I just started a group on Enchantrix Empire on Princess bitch . . . → Read More: Yet More Pillow Humping