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The Humiliation of RyRy

Feet Worthy of Worship

A Perfect Humiliation Caller

Now when doing a humiliation call, it’s so nice having a boy with a whole range of things to pick from. It makes a most interesting call. I actually have fashioned a story to tell this boy that ranges from cuckolding the husband, CFNM, small . . . → Read More: The Humiliation of RyRy

Pantyhose Intervention

The Subtle Sheer

The Pantyhose Slut Keeps Sending and I Keep Ripping

Have you ever imagined wearing pantyhose and once a little hole is formed, you just stick your finger in and tear to your heart’s content? I can definitely afford to do that now that fuckie is around doling out pantyhose, stockings, . . . → Read More: Pantyhose Intervention