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Condoms For Small Cocks

The packaging is perfect, the package is not!

Lil Dickie Humiliation

I’m so sure little peepsters will scramble to find these puny peepee sissy condoms. This collection belongs to a small cocked fag who is planning an outing, a cocksucking cum eating debut. This little fag is shared between all of the Mistresses . . . → Read More: Condoms For Small Cocks

The Girlier The Better

Sissy Assignment For My Gurls

I have an assignment for all sissies. You are to study feminine ways from an old movie called “The Crying Game”. It was on Showtime last night and I had to watch. The T-girl in that movie has it down pat. I mean, she was so feminine with . . . → Read More: The Girlier The Better