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Crossdressers and Bondage

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A Bondage CD

Tonight I have a date with a crossdresser who loves bondage. What crossdresser doesn’t? He’s a very good looking boy and even better as a girl! His long brown hair is highlighted and styled. He has long pretty eyelashes and full sexy lips. The only problem . . . → Read More: Crossdressers and Bondage

Britany’s Nerdy Little Cuckold

Happy Post Thanksgiving

I hope all had a fine day yesterday. This year I spent time with my family and then off to a few clubs for dancing and drinks. I partied and ate a bit too much yesterday but managed to wake up in a very productive mood. Here I am, playing . . . → Read More: Britany’s Nerdy Little Cuckold

Coercing The Bi Boys

Princess Britany

Attention Cocksuckers

Did you just tell me that you loved to be coerced to suck cock? Yes you did and you are blushing in the most flattering shade of red. I can teach you to be the most awesome cocksucker, and the option to wear panties is all yours! In fact . . . → Read More: Coercing The Bi Boys

Three Ruined Orgasms, All In A Row

Are you drooling yet???

Stroker One

And not from the same boy of course. A ruined orgasm leaves a stroker spent and not wanting for more. I’m talking about bam bam bam, three calls in a row. One short, one average and one very long. Short stroke was primed and almost ready to . . . → Read More: Three Ruined Orgasms, All In A Row