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Photos Uploaded

And of course for anyone who wants to view my very hot photos on my photo page. I love to keep my most polite boy happy. He does everything I say, right up to the end. He never cums without permission, he eats his cum at the end, and he always . . . → Read More: More Pix For J-Boy

Suck And Serve

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Cocksucking Boys

Ah yes…another one of my favorite subjects, coerced cocksucking. Having a boy take the plunge after so many declarations of “I’ll do it tomorrow”. All of the I’ll do it tomorrows are done and gone, and now you will finally do it, today, tonight, but not tomorrow! Always . . . → Read More: Suck And Serve

My Number One Cum Eater

Are you drooling yet???

J-Boy Voted Best Stroker For Princess

That’s j-boy’s favorite picture, the one he sometimes gets to cum and eat his cum to like he did today and a few days ago. A few days ago he had to end the call quickly as a client was on his way . . . → Read More: My Number One Cum Eater

Sweet And Sour Cumsickles

Suck That Cumsickle!

Broken In With Pineapple

A subject I never tire on is cum eating for a Mistress. Of course, sometimes a boy has to be broken in with condiments and recipes to make the experience more and more enjoyable. I say more and more because eventually I want the “naked lunch” . . . → Read More: Sweet And Sour Cumsickles

Teased To Tears As The Orgasm Nears

Please Your Princess

As the orgasm nears, does he get to cum? He may. It all depends on how well he has stroked. I have to be really impressed to let it go in a normal fashion. This takes a lot, of course, to please a princess and to amuse her in the way . . . → Read More: Teased To Tears As The Orgasm Nears