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Love My Feet

Suck My Toes!

It’s back to feet again. Something a foot fetishist never gets tired of! I suppose this captioned picture of me by alice wonder gets you hot and wishing. ¬†You wish you could be the boy on his knees being tested by my bitch princess attitude. Look again and imagine these . . . → Read More: Love My Feet

Free 10 Min Calls

On Your Knees!!!!

Free Calls!

Free! For two whole days. Isn’t that so awesome of LDW to let you get your groove on for two days. Free call details¬†, recharge your batteries and call me!

Another Little Dick

Ms Fiona and I had an awesome call together yesterday with a boy with a . . . → Read More: Free 10 Min Calls

Cocksucking Fantasies Of A Sissy

Suck That Cock Sissy!

Liar Liar Panties On Fire

Why is it when you ask some sissies if they suck cock, they will tell you that they only like women but sissy will suck her strap on. A strap on is a major give away that the sissy would be open to a . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Fantasies Of A Sissy