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Sexy Satin Panties For Sissy

A Gift For Sissy Zane

Satin sissy panties is no new topic to kink or the training of a sissy. A sissy is nothing without her panties after all. For Zane’s birthday, my little sissy mucker that is, a pair of pink satin panties. Zane never expected to receive anything from the Princess, . . . → Read More: Sexy Satin Panties For Sissy

Cummies For Dummies

Buy Me Some Wolfords!!!

The List To Love

Oh yes we all have them in our library: the omnipresent dummies books. I have Mac for dummies, horse health and nutrition for dummies, and a few more. Now I would love to publish a cummies for dummies, or a small penis humiliation for dummies. . . . → Read More: Cummies For Dummies

Dressing Enfemme Is An Art!

Appointments With Me

Zane is mucking in the stable right now, then he will tack up my mare Lily and take her out for some exercise while I get some work done. She and I will have some quality time later on today. I have so much to do with boys like you. . . . → Read More: Dressing Enfemme Is An Art!

Corporal Discipline

Corporal Discipline

This butt is not for you to spank. Yours however is fine for me to spank, crop, cane, and whip. The juicy subject of the day! What brought me to this subject? Shopping for equestrian gear in Malibu.

Shopping In An Equestrian Store

I do believe I mentioned that my daddy . . . → Read More: Corporal Discipline

Guided Small Penis Meditation

Where Are You On The Scale??

Intent To Shrink Your Cock

I had the most fun call the other day. Imagine calling for a guided meditation on the incredible shrinking penis. I was surprised to hear this request, very different from most small penis humiliation calls. A call where the boy went under . . . → Read More: Guided Small Penis Meditation