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Sissy Rivalry

You’re ssssssso papapathetic….

Britany The Instigator

Call me an instigator. My mom called me that from a very young age. So…..I showed Zane my last post and his little sissy face turned bright red with envy. He is so jealous of sissy peggy that she went out and bought cat eye glasses and . . . → Read More: Sissy Rivalry

A Sissy Named Peggy

A Sweet Old Fashioned Sissy Slut

Isn’t “peggy” the cutest name for a gurl. Now I think you know why this sissy gurl is named sissy peggy, don’t you? Yes little pervie, she likes being pegged with a big fat strap on. She does not like real man dick. It is essential at . . . → Read More: A Sissy Named Peggy

Super Dick

He Makes Me Feel Like A Natural Princess…..

He Won’t Suck Your Dick

I was telling J-boy about Mr. Big Dick a few days ago. He doesn’t do submissive male like you do. He won’t suck dick, and I can’t convince him to suck dick. He has never tasted cum. Forget about sissy . . . → Read More: Super Dick