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Nurse Britany And Her Feminizing Clinic

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The Feminizing Clinic

A nurse phone fantasy that I am dying to do is working in a feminizing clinic. None such exists. but imagine the possibilities. A male body, sissy or not, is very different from a female with tits, of course. A sissy yearns to have the curves and . . . → Read More: Nurse Britany And Her Feminizing Clinic

Giving A Sissy A Chance

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Costuming A Sissy

Second chances are uncommon with me, but I decided that the boy for my CFNM party who chickened out, will be given another chance to show up this weekend. I definitely understand that outing for a sissy can be difficult and scary. Taking the first step is . . . → Read More: Giving A Sissy A Chance

A Cuckold’s Just Deserts

Cream Pies

You certainly must know what I mean by just deserts. A cream pie, what else? The stronger the pie, the better the guy. The stronger tasting his cum is, will be even more humiliating for a cuckold husband with a craving for strong degradation. I don’t know of anything more degrading . . . → Read More: A Cuckold’s Just Deserts

CFNM Party Next Weekend

The New Gurl

It’s performance time for Zane and a new sissy! The new pantied one was met at a Hollywood Hills party last night. If it was just blowing smoke, we will see. she did call me today to touch bases to say he is ready to serve at a CFNM party . . . → Read More: CFNM Party Next Weekend