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Not All Squirmers Are Sissies


In reading my comments I have peter tease toy “squirmified”. now this is pretty new in kink vocabulary and I like it. Cockteasing is my thing, and I’m good at it. I just had a caller from my blog post “A Cuckold’s Just Desserts” just dying to be a cuckold cream pie . . . → Read More: Not All Squirmers Are Sissies

Sissy Lover: An Oxymoron

HaHaHa…poor little sissy!

The Sexual Brain Of A Girlie Boi

Top of the sentence here, sissy is not recommended for sexual encounters with any girl. Once in a great while, a lesbian girlie boi will pop up who actually can please a real girl. This is rare as sissies are not known to . . . → Read More: Sissy Lover: An Oxymoron

Rubber Doll Sissy

The Rubber Dolly

Just when you think a kink has lost it’s novelty, it has disappeared except for in Germany, here she comes. the rubber doll sissy. She is entirely dressed in rubber, usually pink or blue, tits blown up way beyond belief, and wearing super tall Mary Janes. You can see the . . . → Read More: Rubber Doll Sissy