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Silk Wraps For Sissy

The Deal

Zane the brain got a little stiffie as I showed him my freshly manicured nails which happen to be 100% authentic. I asked him if he imagined my thumb and index finger stroking his little cock while I cruelly humiliate him. He enthusiastically grabbed at the offer. I told him under . . . → Read More: Silk Wraps For Sissy

Slow Stroking Sissy

The Slower The Better

Life is grand when a sissy is owned by a Princess who is ordered to control himself and stroke very slow. No big deal you say unless you have been in nine months of orgasm denial, locked in a chastity cage, finally let out, only to tease and stroke . . . → Read More: Slow Stroking Sissy

How To Be A Good Bondage Sissy

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Abducted Sissy

So, you want to be a femme fatale sissy? What it means is being dressed as a schoolgirl, abducted by a master, tied up in rope bondage, blindfolded and abducted by trunk. Driven to a place unknown and put on a bondage rack for master’s pleasure.

Blindfolded, Gagged, . . . → Read More: How To Be A Good Bondage Sissy

Guided Humiliation

Guided Guided Guided

Guided masturbation, guided cum eating, guided crossdressing, and….tada!!!! Guided humiliation! This is how it works. It starts with guided meditation of course to help you relax and become the best loser you can possibly be. This won’t be hard for you, I promise. Taking you down the road to your . . . → Read More: Guided Humiliation