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Quantum Dick

Micro Dick

Is it a wave? Is it a particle? It’s quantum dick! It’s both it’s both! What does Quantum Physics have to do with a dick? You guessed it…my fave subject: small penis humiliation! That’s what it is in a nut sac.


In the quantum world everything is so tiny it . . . → Read More: Quantum Dick

Quick And Easy Ejaculators

Control That Cock!

Posting the least sexy picture of me today for the PE special boys who can’t hold their cum. I will try to make you see it my way to let you know you can change all that. Looking at me in my sexiest can’t help you right now. What you . . . → Read More: Quick And Easy Ejaculators

Dick Breath And His/Her Pussy Problem

Spam Goes In The Crap Bin

First things first. I want to address the fucktards from Russia leaving spam. What makes you think I can read Russian, and losers, I approve all of my comments. Do you really think Princess “Bratany” is going to approve your comments? You are swept into the crap . . . → Read More: Dick Breath And His/Her Pussy Problem