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BDSM Party for New Year’s Eve and Beyond


BDSM is the best way to bring in the new year if you are a little perv, especially a sissy. A sissy gets to dress up in the most glam fashion, and hopefully she will have the biggest and baddest dick to suck to chime in at midnight. I tried to . . . → Read More: BDSM Party for New Year’s Eve and Beyond

Sissy in Six Inch Heels Races to the Finish

More on the Sissy Salon Post

Sissy in six inch heels brings to mind many fantasies. As I’m sure you remember, the sissy salon post , one sissy bitch caller last night wanted me to re-name “The Pink Room” to “The Gurl College,” because all the lessons that the Mistresses would teach would be . . . → Read More: Sissy in Six Inch Heels Races to the Finish

Sissy Salon for Girlie Bois

Makeover at the Sissy Salon

Sissy salon for Christmas makeover, boi? Of course, you will. This is not for sissies who are going to see the family, unless they are transgender accepting. I’m talking about little sissy fags who have a dungeon party to attend, or maybe a hot date with a big black . . . → Read More: Sissy Salon for Girlie Bois

Princess Humiliation for Christmas

Princess Humiliation Holiday for Sissy

Princess humiliation is on the top of the list for every sissy. It could be a stocking stuffer if a note is left in the Mistress Stocking. “Please Mistress, some small penis humiliation. ” A Mistress Stocking is a stocking with requests that a submissive leaves for her which . . . → Read More: Princess Humiliation for Christmas

The Secret Cock Sucker Speaks

Speaking with Dildo Language

The secret cock sucker is not secret any longer, because I am outing the slut on this blog. I’m glad he detailed the phone sex fantasy in an email first because most of the call was a big dildo spinning around in his mouth. Muffle muffle muffle…big black dick, muffle, . . . → Read More: The Secret Cock Sucker Speaks