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Jason has been kicked to the curb. I got totally fed up with the dominant macho crap and started dating someone with more brains and not such a jock. My new guy is Blane. Blane the brain I call him. Blane is effeminate and his dick is average. He’s a drama student,artist, and writer. Yes, yes, your next question. Did I sissy him up yet? I have plans to feminize him because he is quite pretty. Tall, slender, dark hair and green eyes. So yes, and also, he has dressed before.


I love this cock tease orgasm control game: A boy tells me he wants to pay for his orgasm and asks to be sent back to dispatch to give a gift. I tell him I prefer an Amazon gift card in the amount we discussed. I tease him along after we agree and while he is on his last edge, I send him to Amazon while he is stroking. There is guaranteed humiliation and confusion because we all know in scientific experimentation that women are much better at multi tasking. Boys do best in a focused approach to things. I tease him about not being able to stroke and chew gum at the same time. I further the confusion by describing my brazilian waxed pussy and other tease topics. Finally he makes it through when I give him maybe a 10 second moment of silence. I dont allow him to cum until I see the gift in my inbox. Then he is allowed to cum. Boys love this game, the stress of cumming and under the clock, kind of like competitive sports.

Princess Britany