A Bitch: To Be or Not To Be

I’m going to take a break from memes today and start a discussion. A bitch: to be or not to be. You already know the answer to that. I have fun being a bitchy golden princess who sits on your face really hard. Not only sitting but cupping your little cock between my feet. I would stroke it for you with my feet, and that would be really hard too. I cater (kind of) to peens who like it rough and a like it a bit on the mean side. Fun boy sluts who can take it, sissies who dress for the occasion. Cock control boys love me because if they ask, they never get to cum. The sluts are an endless parade of “do me Princess”, maybe I will.

A Bitch: To Be Or Not To Be: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Do You Love a Bitch?

How many of you love a bitch? I want to see confessional comments on this post. Does it piss you off because I don’t blog regularly? Tough titty said the sissy clitty because she knows the golden princess loves to anger you sometimes. Take note that she may do this on purpose or simply because she is a busy golden one. It would drive you crazy to think about it but you get over it because she is a brilliant humiliatrix. Being trained in her own camp and imagination makes you wonder how she got this way.

Bitch Femdom

A bitch is a peculiar breed of Femdom, a bitch: to be or not to be goes through her mind. It depends on her diva mood. If she has been getting good big dick lately or if she had a bad dream. Trust me ; the bitch in a D/s mood can spin you around 360 degrees and make your cock twitch and maybe fall off. The last thing she wants is the peen to fall off, then you are useless.

A Bitch: To Be Or Not To Be: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Nice Girls Finish Last

Now what makes a boy truly love a bitch? I tend to think nice girls finish last unless the boy is only down with looks for maybe a night. Boys like a bitch. Bitches have been around forever in every culture denying the cock orgasm and other things.  I have a boy that calls and says “Britany, deep down you are a sweet girl”. Tell yourself that because of your taboos being brought up. You were told that you would like to fuck a whore but you will marry a nice virgin girl.

Good Lessons Learned

It’s time to get a bitch on your ass to straighten that silly notion out. Guys love bitches, and this is why I can pay my bills. I learned it from a total bitch first hand. The entertainment lawyer who brought me up. Muahhhaahaaa!

XOX Bitch Goddess Britany