Finally I get an e-mail suggestion from a sissy boi with a chastity lockup fantasy. The boi wants to be sweet talked in the cage while I giggle and laugh the whole time. I will do it as soon as these asswipes get done with pool construction just outside of my door. Yesterday we had the first warm pool day and I couldnt even enjoy it. I did cause quite a stir though, as I walked past these guys wearing a short yellow mini dress and leopard print kitten heel sandals. I gave them the mean stare with hands on hips demanding to know when they will finish. No habla Englese, they just sorta stared as I went off in a huff to the mall. Yes, I went to the mall with two of my hottie girlfriends. No sissy sightings though. We were on the lookout for hot guys and new shoes. I bought a rad pair of strappy sandals in blue.

As far as chastity lockup, I’m finding that most want to just fantasize about it rather than do it. Talk about tease and denial, it seems to just take it a step further in the conversation. I actually had a guy lockup for me on cam and then disappear forever. Little wimp!

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