Nice Big Cock…But…

Just had a CFNM jack off boy with a great bod and big dick on cam. A very good looking guy, cannot find a girl friend because his standard is to have a rich spoiled princess who is condescending but not crass or into extreme humiliation. That’s a fun call now and then where I can just giggle and order him around without expending any energy whatsoever. I can see why his girl friend relationships crash and burn for another reason. He cums too quickly! I just casually looked away from the cam for a moment and he was holding a wad of cum! So much for cock control! I was talking about how my parents just bought me a porsche carrera. I was so disappointed that they didn’t buy me a pink jeep instead. I guess that did it, hmmm one never knows what will get a boy off these days!

Small Dicks Not Considered

We are gearing up to record breaking heat this weekend, Sunday to be 108 degrees in the valley. On Sunday,I plan for a day at the beach in Malibu where it will be in the high 80’s. Everything is so dry from the draught and this is the first year I have had allergies ever! Now they are predicting an el nino winter…look out mudslides. Things are pretty much a mess, so best thing to do is get a good CFNM crew, a band of princesses, and let the Mojitos flow! Stay cool, stay happy, stay pampered, and no matter what, always spend that last penny on a good mani-pedi. Now about those boys. No small dicks, and able to do a good strip tease along with the cum eating show. That’s important to keep that spirit up!

Princess Britany