For Real Men Only

A Sissy Bitch Cums Clean

How sweet it is to own and operate a little slut such a “soyoung kim”. Oh you remember that sissy of the slut listings and trick suckings. So I get a whole chronicle of emails of men she had enticed, and dates she set up.


I’m a very passable CD and I would be interested in getting dressed up at your place and see if we dare to go and get a drink.  Let me know your schedule.  I can meet either in the mid-afternoon or around midnight..

I can’t promise anything, it all depends on our chemistry.  I have gone out as a girl before, mostly to gay clubs, but a fantasy of mine is being someone’s arm candy.  Also, I only have a couple of outfits and I’m not sure if you would be comfortable in my red-top outfit.

Soyoung Kim”

…and here is the skinny!

“This guy gave me a $20 for a blow job.  I spent like an hour getting ready, a cab ride across town, almost an hour walking around lost in his ghetto apartment complex, and he didn’t even last 5 minutes. ”

The Sissy Is Living The Dream

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll keep adding every post because some of these are long emails. Thank you slut for sharing. I’m sure every sissy who reads this will be very jealous. soyoung is very passable and gets lots of dick. I think she is living the dream and enjoying the life that most crossdressers would die for.

My Hot Big Black Date, And You get To Cum

Tomorrow I’m having some dinner and drinks with a hot black DJ from Hollywood. I’m going clubbing after at his venue, before that though I will be taking some 4th of July blast bang calls and in the celebration, I think I may suspend the denial of orgasm. How about a blast before you go get your fireworks on.

Princess Britany