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A Sweet Old Fashioned Sissy Slut

Isn’t “peggy” the cutest name for a gurl. Now I think you know why this sissy gurl is named sissy peggy, don’t you? Yes little pervie, she likes being pegged with a big fat strap on. She does not like real man dick. It is essential at the beginning of a phone sex call to inquire if sissy likes to suck cock, and if she likes a real man cock in her pussy ass. Some sissies are simply lesbians.

Sissy Secretary

Let me tell you now about sissy peggy. She has an office fantasy where she works for a Femdom. She of course, is a “secretary” who makes the coffee, takes dictation and types on an old standard typewriter. She, in other words, has a 60’s fetish, much like the series Mad Men. Think this series minus the men.

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Silky Stockings With Garters

Sissy peggy likes the vintage lingerie girdles with garters, silk stockings, and bullet like bras. She borders on the 50’s sometimes depending her mood before the call. What is important to her is the stockings must be the very silky type with no stretch. She likes to call me Mrs Hancock as I bend her over the desk and peg her with the strap on. I have a closet in my office suite that houses different dildos of different sizes. She must go in and choose one for Mrs Hancock, and there is nothing under 9″.

Office Party Pegging

During the office parties, she must endure the whole female staff getting toasted and pegging her all day long. Sissy peggy is due for a call this afternoon with a new request of going shoe shopping on Park Avenue while being in an electro buttplug. Now this is going to be fun as she does a bit of jerking and shaking down the avenue in front of female spectators!

Princess Britany