Feet Worthy of Worship

Feet Worthy of Worship

Denial Week

Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s been one hefty tease and denial week. Get out your jerk off lube, but do not cum is what I said all week. The week started last Thursday when I had a pass the penis denial boy as last Mistress. I love being last for these games. When the dispatcher says this one is in total denial, I do a high jump cheerleader cheer. You are not going to cum! Your cock is denied and you will be lucky to ever cum. Thursday was like this all day long. Denial denial denial!

No Cumming!

Friday I had a string of regular denial calls. Half of them left it up to me. I took the option of no cumming with lots of creative edging. One boy edged for me twenty three times. No one slipped one out. They were not allowed. One was in a chastity device and couldn’t even stroke. He was locked by his Mistress and not allowed out.

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

CFNM Denial

Saturday was my Zane day. Zane is very loyal to me and will do absolutely anything I order him to do. I decided to take his chastity cage off and give him his favorite reward. CFNM. He is so lucky he has princesses to do this. One can only dream to be a sissy, a chastity slave, and a CFNM entertainer. No he did not get to cum. He was taken out of the cage , treated like a jack off toy, and put back in.

Back To Sissy Sluts

This Monday is a totally different beginning of the week. It seems that certain sissies want to be sluttied up and taken out to make money for princess with big black dicks. I can just imagine heads bobbing up and down in the back of a car. Make that money honey!


Princess Britany