About Me

Sexy Princess Hot Domme: Princess Britany : 1-800-601-6975


I’m Princess Britany, and I have a whole bundle of goodies for you. From cock control to perfect gurlie boi training , I love to create humiliation fantasies for sissies who love to be a slut. Cocksucking training perhaps? Maybe you prefer empowerment training. I know some sissies who prefer minimal humiliation and given lots of encouragement instead. I am definitely not limited to this!

Cock Control:  with tease and please, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, globbing,

Chastity Training: with or without the cage. Ask me how!

Cuckolding Fantasies

Beginner and Advanced Sissy Training

Coerced Cocksucking and Cum Eating

Spanking, Tickling, CFNM, and yes of course, H-u-m-i-l-i-a-t-i-on (all kinds especially little cocks)

I do fantasy role play in just about every genre, so give me a call and let’s play.

My schedule is mostly in the afternoon, and sometimes early evenings. Arrange a call with me you appointment or just call in!



Ass And Leg Body Worship: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975