Lucky Sissy! Not only you get my panties, but you get my feet...

Lucky Sissy! Not only you get my panties, but you get my feet…

Erm..Princess May I Stroke?

Peter tease toy squirms and erms and sends little prezzies to sexy young Mistresses and Princesses. He especially likes yummy smelling hair products made by Bliss. I’m now on to Lush because it’s organic and hand made and smells just as yummy. In fact, I see Lush on just about everyones wishlist at LDW! As Peter tease toy selects the products he imagines the Princess in the shower luxuriously and slowly gliding the suds all over her body. This makes him squirm and “adjust his erection” because the combo of smell and softness drives him crazy. Little does the tease toy know, some Lush products are edible and tasty. This makes his brain squirm imagining licking Lush off the Princess bod!

Gratuitous Shower Scene Stroker

The shower scene is not new to stroker boys. Many videos are posted and jerked off over. Me being a total tease princess imagines tying the tease toy up near the shower so he is teased and denied for awhile. Then eventually he is taken out of bondage to lick the lushed body clean, getting some valuable vitamins and nutrients. Of course if he is good at the task, he may then “adjust his erection” accordingly. A large blasting orgasm is awarded with a bird’s eye view of my long lushed legs. A day in the life of a Princess is never boring, especially when Peter tease toy is around, squirming, erming, stroking, and adjusting his erection!

Princess Britany