Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Cuckold Body Worshippers

Long smooth shapely legs. That’s me. I find leg and ass men to be the most intelligent of all men. I love the reaction when I tell guys that I’m 5’11” tall. Immediately they imagine being down on their knees to worship which then leads to face sitting and other forms of body worship. This is my fun tool on cuckold calls where the cuck is only about 5’8″ and has no choice because he has a leg fetish. Poor little cuck, a prisoner of Princess Britany.

Cum Eating Forever

Now my favorite subject of cum eating. J-boy did a vigorous workout for Ms Violet and me last week. As always, he was ordered to do pull ups, push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks for his reward. This time I had him do a hundred for most exercises, building the testosterone to get him ready for that big blast. J-boy is commended for his honor and respect while he does calls. Never does he hang up when he cums. He eats with gusto and politely says thank you and goodbye. We ladies appreciate this respect as we work very hard to make you happy. J-boy is just the best.

Princess Britany