Cock Teasing the Alpha Male

It’s always fun playing with J-boy alpha male on the phone. He will always submit to me , even eat his cum. The tall well muscled and big dicked boy has never swallowed cum except for me. I insist, and he goes through my photo page each time, drooling over my teasing photos and long legs. These legs are well muscled especially now due to learning to ride Lily bareback. I tease J-boy telling him how these legs can squeeze tight around his body even better now, but he looks best on his knees licking my ass body worship style.

Alpha Male Submits To The Princess: Britany 1-800-601-6965

Submit to Me Now

An alpha male is a challenge when it comes to submission. They are mostly vanilla and goal oriented sexually and like straight up fucking and cumming. J-boy is no exception , but I find it charming when he says the most beautiful part of me is my eyes. How sweet is that? He’s awesomely sexy to me with his business acumen, his wealth, success, big dick, gym body and secret submission to me. I even get naughty saying I would love to suck his cock, have him cum in my mouth and share it with him as a snowball. Mostly he strokes his cock for me and I give him some heavy cock control, mostly teasing and denying until I think he has had enough edging.

Jack Off Pix

The picture on the right is one of his fave jack off items. He imagines being on his knees worshipping my pussy. Sitting on his cock would be sublime. Mostly I like teasing his cock, making him cum on demand. Sometimes he gets none of that and his cock is teased only. On your knees please alpha male. I love to see you sweat with the hope of me allowing you to cum, or not 🙂


Princess Britany