Drill Instructor Britany says “Anal Sluts Plug Up For Princess!”

Anal sluts plug up for Princess when she sends a text to one or more of her sissy slaves. Then she demands a quick selfie of the butt plug proof. Better yet, the slut will be in panties and en femme. That selfie had better be sent within ten minutes. If sissy is out of range, too bad. She may be doing something where it is inconvenient, too bad. This practice has been up and running for a few weeks now with real time slave bois. Zane has gotten all four demands correctly. She gets the pink stare, all the others suck but they do anyways.

Anal Sluts Plug Up For Princess! Britany 1-800-601-6975

Rewards – No Stinking Rewards

What reward is offered to the anal slut sissies? None. I snap my fingers and declare “anal sluts plug up for Princess!” Do it now and I demand it, and no excuses. I never saw girlie bois in such a tizzie. They are amazingly disorganized because they have been emulating bimbos for so long. I’m sure once they put on their boy clothes the dunce cap disappears like magic.

Panties and Plugs

A few days ago I took two of them to the mall and ordered them to show up en femme or else, and, plugged of course. I told them that I may just order both of them to bend over wearing their pink “I am a sissy” panties showing the outline of their anal plugs. The opportunity could arise in front of some mean girls who would know exactly what is going on. Maybe a paddle would be in my purse to pursue the issue further.

This is what happens when my slutty sissy slaves come to me for training. No quarter…lol. You are in it for anal plug humiliation thrills, the rough feminization and the sweet feminization when I am in a generous and sweet mood!


Princess Britany