A Nice Discount For Boys In No-Vember

This is day one of our anniversary day specials. Calls are 1.99 per minute first 30 minutes for all of today. Give me and Princess Andi a call for a two-girl ignore and we promise to ignore you in style. This month’s site is Sissy School. We specialize in feminizing you, humiliating you, and actually being sweet to you!

Anniversary Day Roll Over Price: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Yes I Am Obsessed With SPH

My house sissy Zane is away in New Mexico on a film set, so I’m spending more time with friends discussing fashion, food, and dominating boys. This always comes up in the funniest way. Britany’s side job they say, and I say this is my research job. Sissy psychology I have discussed before because there is a factor of small penis humiliation. Mostly, a crossdresser will have a sizeable cock, but not a sissy (in many cases).

Anniversary Day Roll Over Price: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Assignments

The very best of sissy training is assignments. I especially love salon assignments and mani pedi at a Beverly Hills salon. A sissy will get very glaring stares in this neighborhood so I order high class sissy garb for the gurl. No trashy thrift store clothes.

A Salon Gurl Struts

After the salon experience, she is ordered to meet me for coffee or cocktails down the street. If lunch is in order, she must stand in line and with the highest voice, order sandwiches for us because her voice needs to be heard. Sissies both love and hate assignments but after all is said and done the charge is irresistible. Here is where the cock cage comes in, and in the pink mini I might add.

The Adult Bookstore

Another type of assignment I like to order is standing on the corner in full regalia holding a banner of some sort. It can be as simple as “I am a sissy”. This assignment I do not order anymore because it can be dangerous It’s best done at an adult bookstore simply walking in and existing. The looks can be very very humiliating which is what many sissies thrive on. Happy anniversary day!


Princess Britany