Princess Britany


When I start talking about foot fetishes, it naturally brings me to aroma fetishes. With foot fetishists, sometimes the stinkier the feet , the better. Shoes are sniffed and licked, socks are fished out of hampers along with used hose.

Aroma Articles Of Worship

With aroma fetish, panties and shirts are fished out of the hamper for the sheer pleasure of sniffing the armpit, panty crotch, gym shorts, and just about anything that has the scent of a Goddess.


Feet Worthy of Worship

Feet Worthy of Worship

Sweaty Underarm Hair

An aroma fetishist may like underarm hippy hair because hair tends to attract odor. I once talked to a boy who liked to fuck the arm pit. Tease and denial armpit torture I call it. If he is allowed to cum, it will be on the crotch of sweaty panties worn at the gym during an aerobic step session.

Pussy And Ass Aroma

Let’s not forget the wondrous aroma of pussy and ass during a body worship session, or a slave on his knees with nose glued to the princess ass after that workout session.

The Backpacking Dream

A slave dreams of all of these things and will beg to have one thing that princess won’t do: go without a shower for a few days. That is in the fantasy arena. If you think about a weekend long backpacking hike with out a lake or stream, this may just be what the slave dreams about. A jaunt like this has very little hygiene. The slave may clandestinely throw away the deodorant and anti bacterial wipes. “Oh Princess…I forgot to pack them”….tyeah!


Princess Britany