Shedding light on how I became a foot and shoe tease princess should give you an idea how I control boys. Why shoes? Why feet? Well, duh, look at my gorgeous feet. Who could resist?

Young but not Dumb

By the time I was a foot and shoe tease princess, I  intellectually and intuitively knew how to cock control boys. I had all of my girlfriends master what we princesses called the “art of being a woman”. I knew how to dress sexy not slutty, revealing but in a casually elegant way. I knew not just how to walk in heels but knew just how to use them to get the boys hard and panting (always pretending I didn’t notice).
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Foot and Shoe Tease with Ease

By now it was easy to find a compulsive leg man and or a foot and high heel fetishist by mastering the “angle of the dangle” to maximize my talents as a foot and shoe tease. This was about the time I met a new guy in my first year of college by the name of Brad. Definitely cute, hard bodied. chiseled abs, drove a Camaro. He came on strong but I kept him at arms length and decided to make him” want me” a bit longer  because as a Princess I loved to flirt and tease.

Bad Boys get Attitude Adjustments

Not long after our initial meeting I was at a sorority party and the girl talk on this guy was he was hung and a real charmer at first, but he belonged to a clique of horn dogs that would  bet on what girl they could lure into bed. Later they would brag about it in the most demeaning way toward the girl. One of my friends spoke of her encounter with Brad said she was more than ready to sleep with him but once he lay on top of her he was rough to the point of being cruel. Another princess chimed in and said the same thing and added the sex was consensual but it might as well have been totally opposite. I admit he didn’t come off that way but I guess that was part of his “charm”. I became a little pissed because no doubt he had the same designs on me as he did his previous conquests. I asked my friends who was in this clique and wouldn’t you know, some of the members (and when I say members I mean DICKS) were guys I had put in their place for coming on rude or disrespectful and as a Princess I deserve to be treated as a Lady. Because I did reprimand these cave men for their discretions I was probably on their “hit list” of women they were targeting to conquer. Hell hath no fury like a Princess scorned!…To be continued.
Princess Britany