Bend over and prepare to lick

Bend over and prepare to lick

Foot Fetishists

The topic of foot fetish, shoe fetish, and pantyhose have a great effect on the lovers of these fetishes. Because feet are at the very bottom, a foot fetishist will contort to the lowest possible position to view every detail of the toes and foot.

Foot Stroking

Teasing and stroking with both feet, stepping on the cock with bare smooth freshly lotioned feet, feet oiled up and cockteasing, cock pinched with the first two toes, are all possibilities of foot teasing.

Worship My Feet!

Worship My Feet!

Foot Aroma Fetish

Smelly gym sweat feet with socks fished out of the hamper, pantyhose retrieved from the laundry bag which have been worn all day tantalize a foot fetish boy. A closet full of shoes beg for the attention of a tongue hungry for foot aroma. Of course, the imagination goes to spending an entire day polishing and cleaning all of the shoes in a princess closet. All except the sole which harbors the sweat of princess.

Duties of a Foot Boy

A true foot fetishist is entirely submissive and obedient. He will know how to massage and learn reflexology. He will take a course in pedicures, learn every muscle and bone of the foot. He will strengthen his tongue to work the points that please princess. He will learn to enjoy the feel of her bare feet trampling him. Sometimes princess will order the foot slave on his knees for a foot face slapping. My very favorite? The doormat or bath rug. As I walk out of my condo, doormat is there on the ground, I check my I-phone messages as I walk on and past him, not noticing he is even there.


Princess Britany