Sissy Fag Training

Bi-cocksucking is all a part of sissy fag training. Mostly a sissy is bi with some few exceptions such as lesbian sissies, but I have seen sissy fags in the she male arena. Sometimes a she male will enjoy having a Mistress around to provide a little humiliation.

Bi-cocksucking affirmations Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Bi-Cocksucking Affirmations

Often a sissy needs affirmations to keep clear on her path. Repeated morning, noon, and night. This gives purpose and pride:

I enjoy sucking cock

I am a sissy bi-cocksucking girlie boi

I love dick

My sissy pussy gets wet when I am on my knees sucking cock

These are just a few of my bi-cocksucking affirmations. I would like to see in the comments area, your creations. Something unique from you, of from Mistresses who have their essentials. Things like cocksucking sites, bi-cocksucking experiences, things like that.

Bi-cocksucking affirmations Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Sweet Dream Fag Boi

Bi-cocksucking in dreams may eventually appear giving you unique ideas on how to suck cock or what to wear when you suck cock, creative ways to eat your own cum in preparation for the real load. How to be as seductive and faggy as possible while the blow job is in progress. The art of handling a party of cocksuckees and how to extract as much humiliation in the form of bukkake and cum blasts all over your face. Maintaining dick breath for as long as possible.

A Sissy Essential

So you see, sissy training has changed to the point of you must suck cock for Mistress so she may use sissy humiliation as the cornerstone in her training of you, sissy. Do you understand? Does it permeate your ditzie sissy brain so it may stick?

Call your Princess for some bi-cocksucking training.  Have your toys ready, your story ready, and your panties ready for inspection.


Princess Britany